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 Mara is a quintessential branding connoisseur, a mother, and a parental equity and wellbeing advocate.


With roots in Media and drawing from her studies in Psychology and Yoga, Mara is the creator of two wellness businesses, one in the luxury sector.

Mara is currently exploring Identity through the lens of Womanhood and the art of presence through her publication, private consulting, and the creation of an atelier–  a safe where women thought leaders can connect with their core self and co-create their authentic personal brand. 

Mara Kazantzaki

Mara's passion for Parental Equity and curiosity about Identity after Motherhood led her to a journey to uncover why women feel the need to hide their light and nurture everyone else before themselves.

Blending her cinematic background with her studies in Psychology and the spiritual tenets of Yoga, Mara ​continues her exploration in her new media universe: ILLIORA.


Join Mara on her journey of self-exploration and wellbeing through the lens of Womanhood and the Art of Presence with a series of writing, film and audio pieces.


Sprinkled with wellbeing practices, interviews of experts, and Mara's personal essays, ILLIORA is the home for people who are curious, are not afraid to ask "Why?", reject the status quo, and are ready for change.

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Quintessential Personal Brand

In the current climate and in a sea of voices, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be heard and leave a mark.

Blending her skills in luxury branding, film, and wellbeing, Mara supports women thought leaders to stand out from the crowd by co-creating their Personal Brand Universe: a unique visual presence where elevated aesthetics meet authenticity.

Through a series of coaching sessions, art direction, and development, Mara ensures her clients’ personal brands are aligned with their core self and are elevated with the Luxury Strategy so they can increase their influence, attract the right opportunities, and ultimately build their legacy and become timeless.

"Mara has a unique capacity to see the invisible, the hidden. She can extract pure potential and genius out of you"

Working with Mara and her team is an absolute pleasure and privilege. 

Mara has a unique capacity to see the invisible, the hidden. She can extract pure potential and genius out of you and create a bespoke personal brand that fits you like your own skin.

Mara is a rare diamond in the world of Luxury Branding. Her approach is lovingly nurturing and radically honest at the same time. She initiates a transformational force within you and guides you on the journey of self-discovery. She invites you to gently relax into your deepest truth, take off the armour of pretending and release a need to mimic cultural idols.

Lana Elco

When you start working with Mara, all you need to bring in is your own authentic self and an open heart. She will hold space for the birth of your true genius and make you appreciate the privilege of being yourself. Mara will help you upgrade your identity and create an authentic luxury brand that reflects your deepest essence and highest consciousness. Mara's undeniable talent and her passionate commitment to her clients opens up a new dimension of possibilities for personal and generational legacy through the Art of Luxury Branding.

Lana Elco

Entrepreneur, Intimacy Artistry, Feminine Leadership

Mara's Story

Mara Kazantzaki

After a highly successful career in the media industry and then becoming a mother, Mara realised that the world of motherhood was not being elevated for those who have been successful in their professional life. 

Parental Equity Advocate
Mara Kazantzaki

Mara took it into her own hands and started inspiring women to break free from the traditional notion of parenthood and change how they are being supported.


By focusing on their well-being, mothers are finding solace in Mara's world; a safe space to pause, breathe, and develop.

Beyond Motherhood™️: Luxury Experiences was created out of necessity to support the nurturers, givers, and most important people in the world - those who raise the next generation.

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"If you haven’t experienced Mara yet, you are delaying access to a phenomenal being"

"Mara Kazantzaki is the epitome of calm, stretched out and wrapped in a warm smile that exudes strength, vulnerability, and resourcefulness.


As a storyteller, her words can envelop you and bring you into her experience as if you were with her the moment each element occurred.


As an expert, you feel her power and her patience as she creates ways to share ideas, solutions, and encouragement exactly as you need to receive it.


If you haven’t experienced Mara yet, you are delaying access to a phenomenal being."

Naketa Ren Thigpen

Balance (and) Relationship Advisor 


Mara is also the creator of breathe & pace, a boutique yoga community nested in a leafy part of North London.


Passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga on people's physical, mental, and emotional well-being, led her to achieve the highest level of training as a Yoga Educator and seamlessly integrate modern sports anatomy, breath work, meditation, and yoga philosophy to inspire and guide the community on their own transformative journey.

Mara has been mentoring newly trained yoga teachers, providing support as they embark on their new path.

"a gift I give to myself"

"I have been working with Mara for around 18 months now and I could not be happier. I experienced different “types” of teaching with her... for some months, we had a private group class, we moved to online coaching and I am now continuing with individual yoga training...


Mara has a very kind and attentive approach to her students. She genuinely wants to help you learn more about yoga and yourself, and I feel that every class with her is a gift I give to myself (and being a full-time working mom to two young children, it is truly a precious gift!).

Every asana with Mara has a purpose, and there is a clear intention behind her teaching. I feel like I grew as a person, a yoga student and as a mom since training with her, as she is helping me be more present, kinder, stronger and more in touch with myself."

Dr. Olivia Barata Cavalcanti

PhD, MPH, MIA, Dr in Public Health, Entrepreneur

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